1. Start with the basics…Zack Seckler, born in Boston lives in the 'burbs of NYC. Studied psychology at Syracuse. Get this boring stuff outta the way quick. You might’ve already lost them.

2. Reveal the moment you magically discovered photography. Although, there might not be space to tell the whole story about how you were traveling in India and found that creating images was a gateway to understanding the culture and yourself in new and exciting ways. So maybe just makeup something...Brownie camera since you were a kid? No, make a witty remark about eating brownies when you were a kid and then learned how to use one. Oh no, that’s terrible.

3. Mention all your awards and press. But don’t sound big-headed. In fact, maybe just list them at the bottom. But if you do a list, make it as long as possible.

4. Insert endearing joke about your Mom being your biggest fan. This will lessen any impression that you’re big-headed. Plus, Mom will like it.

5. Mention that you shoot for big name clients but also keep it real by shooting fine art.

6. Lastly, mention that you’re a great team player, love creative collaboration, are really down to earth and fun to work with. But find a clever way to do this. Just writing it out plainly will seem like B.S. We don’t want boilerplate.

And remember...a nice mix of humor but don’t put in too much, we want people to know you take things seriously too. Nobody will probably read the whole thing anyway so don’t sweat it too much. Yeah, then list the awards and stuff.


Communication Arts Photo Annual shortlist -- 2017
Cannes Silver Lion -- 2016
Cannes Lion Shortlist Health -- 2016
IPA Honorable Mention in Aerial category -- 2016
Chosen for American Photography 32 -- 2016
IPA 1st Place in Fine Art Collage category -- 2015
Selected for American Photography 31 -- 2015
Selected for American Photography 30 – 2014
Communication Arts Photo Annual – 2011
Chosen for American Photography 27 – 2011
Communication Arts Photo Annual – 2010
PDN Photo Annual, Website Category – 2010
Chosen for American Photography 26 – 2010
Communication Arts Fresh – 2009
IPA 1st Place in Digital Enhancement category – 2009
IPA Honorable Mention in People category – 2009
IPA Honorable Mention in Fine Art category – 2008
IPA Honorable Mention in People category – 2008
Communication Arts Photo Annual – 2007
PDN World in Focus Contest – 2007


Ad Council
BBDO New York
Bank of America
Bayer Healthcare
Brighthouse Financial
Columbia Sportswear
Harper’s BAZAAR
Harrison and Star
J. Walter Thompson
Marie Claire
New York Magazine
Ogilvy & Mather
Procter & Gamble
Publicis Kaplan Thaler
S.C. Johnson
Starwood Hotels & Resorts


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The London Times -- April 2017
iGNANT -- April 2017
Colossal -- March 2017
Architectural Digest -- March 2016
PDN -- March 2016
CNN -- February 2016
iGNANT -- February 2016
Design Boom -- February 2016
Photoworld -- September 2015
American Photo – April 2014
CNN – March 2014
Singapore Airlines – March 2014
WIRED – February 2014
Feature Shoot – January 2014
MSN Travel – January 2014
Professional Photographer – October, 2013
LM Magazine – October 2013
Huffington Post – September 2013
iGNANT – September 2013
MSN – August 2013
Daily Mail – July 2013
PetaPixel – July 2013
La Repubblica – July 2013
PDN - July, 2010
Aperture presentation of SLPS XIV - November, 2009
Profoto feature & podcast – November, 2009
D Magazine – October, 2009
Culture Hall – August, 2009
Exposure Compensation – July, 2009
Communication Arts News – June, 2009
Communication Arts Fresh – Jan. 2009
Conscientious – December, 2008


ClampArt -- Solo Show "South Africa" 2017
Robin Rice Gallery -- Solo Show "Iceland" 2016
Robin Rice Gallery -- Group Show "Summertime" 2015
3154 Collective -- Group Show Art Basel 2014
Robin Rice Gallery -- Group Show "Summertime" 2014
L'Atelier Ldep Gallery – Solo Show “Less than Ordinary” 2014
Robin Rice Gallery – Solo Show “Botswana” 2014
Robin Rice Gallery – Group Show "Summertime" 2013
Robin Rice Gallery – Group Show "Summertime" 2012
Robin Rice Gallery – Group Show "Summertime" 2011

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